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Every business faces theft from both inside and out. Our camera systems help to ensure that theft does not happen to you by monitoring your business, and letting you see what is happening with your employees and your customers, at any time, from anywhere.

Employees perform to higher standards when they feel safe. Employees also increase productivity and reduce improper behavior when they know that they are being monitored.

Watch, and more importantly, listen to your employees as they interact with your customers. Use our cameras to train employees to maximize each sales opportunity, to manage each customer complaint effectively, and to run your business exactly how you wish, even when you are not there. Let our camera systems help you create a more positive atmosphere and culture in your business.

About SSI

For 35 years, Surveillance Systems Inc. has designed and installed state of the art security camera systems throughout the Southeastern United States. We take the time to understand the dynamics and needs of each individual business owner, so that we can create the perfect system to help monitor, protect, and grow their business for them. We install the highest quality HD Color Cameras, Monitors, and DVRs, so that you can watch and listen to every detail that goes on inside and outside of your business. Call today to get the most updated pricing package information. We offer complete service and warranties with each pricing package and will provide same day installation in most cases. We also provide our own financing so that we can cater to business owners of all types. 

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Let our talented and experienced installation team deliver a high end camera solution to enrich your life. Nothing can help a business owner more than understanding everything that goes on within that business, at any hour, from anywhere.  Let us make that happen for you. 

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